Winter Clothing Woes

I always struggle in seasonal transitions in fashion, making serious faux pas, like wearing stockings on a 25 degree day because the morning felt freezing and then following that up the next day by losing the stockings and only wearing a short sleeve top while the freezing rain pelts down and I explain to anybody that mentions my outfit that I am one of those people that doesn’t feel the cold.

I like to keep up with trends and winter fashion catches me out every year.

2012 – Nude pants – pastels for spring.

I thought these were the classiest things since Chanel handbags! Great transition item from warm to cold because nude with dark brown cowboy boots (which might have had a kitten heel but that’s another saga in itself) would have been a really rad look had it not been for a random lady who asked me “Have you forgotten pants today?”

2013 – The year I bought a rabbit fur trimmed hooded jacket.

The struggle I had with this item was I thought it was something that you spent a little more on as a staple warm jacket so I dropped $300 on it. I didn’t know it was real rabbit fur and honestly would have been happy with it being fake. I read on the tag it was real rabbit and then I named the jacket the rabbit jacket. This offended a lot more people than I would have ever imagined. People touched it then asked why it was so soft and I boasted that it was rabbit.

This boast cost me some awkward looks and also some ‘ewwws’ and then came, “how many rabbits do you think would have gone into that trim?” I hadn’t thought about that and the more I thought about it the more I hoped they’d all died of natural causes then were found and washed and made into this trim.

I couldn’t wear the jacket anymore after a month of owning it and I also couldn’t afford a new jacket after dropping the $300 on the rabbit coat. I got a $39 one from Kmart that wasn’t any where near as warm and got NO comments.

2014 – The year I bought gumboot short boots.

I loved these! they were slender and comfortable with an elastic side and the best bit, WATERPROOF. I kicked around in these versatile boots day in and day out which turned out to be the gumboots’ downfall.

I got so comfortable wearing them with all outfits that I started to wear them to work. People at work commented on the boots and I exclaimed “yeah how cool are they!” It wasn’t until a manager had a chat with me about wearing gumboots to work that it dawned on me that me and my gumboots had crossed a line.

2015 – This year I am toying with the idea of buying a woollen poncho.

Woolen Ponchos

I am trying to decide if this is going to be the season of the poncho for me, they look warm, they look cool but are they for me?

I wonder whether I run the risk of going for a bit of a Mexican pattern and just looking like I’m a tourist.

And where do you wear a woollen poncho? At work? NO. At a footy game? NO – its not water proof. At home where no one will see it? Probably………