Spruced Up Bruce


Like many others, my public opinion of Bruce means absolutely nothing to anybody except to me.

When rumors and media slander started about Bruce transitioning to female I sat back, confused about other peoples opinions and keen interest.

I had never before considered having an opinion on Transgender individuals and didn’t want to start. I ignorantly thought that no opinion was a good opinion because at least it wasn’t bullying.

I started to form an opinion about the blatant tabloid exploitation of something they considered as ‘outrageous’ enough to be story worthy. I watched on, disgusted that a harmless human would be targeted and humiliated publicly with speculation and bigoted headlines that implied what she was doing was completely unheard of and wrong.

It dawned on me that my lack of opinion was an opinion and my opinion is born from a strong belief in human rights, It’s a basic human right to be able to live the way you want and feel.

Society takes leaps and bounds of understanding when it comes to celebrity or famous advocates for a variety of things like drug addiction, animal welfare and third world poverty so why was Bruce Jenner’s transition any different?

If Bruce says she has a female soul, SHE HAS A FEMALE SOUL. Its that simple.

Just because you stand in a garage doesn’t mean you are a car.

I’m very excited for Bruce, I used to worry about her and how she never got to do anything she wanted to do or buy anything she wanted to buy.

Bruce is beautiful. She looks better then ever and her eyes (the window to her female soul) are glowing.