Masterchef Tugging on Heart Strings


As the onions (grated) go into the pot, gracefully chucked in by Marco Pier White the music picks up into a orchestral high causing me to feel a passion for onions I never knew existed.

Then snap – The reality of what I am getting so emotionally invested on dawns on me:

Grated Onion, a contestant saying his mum is a hard worker, men eating, close ups of splitting up a prawn dish into three plates and mundane decisions about which protein to pick to cook.

From the minute Masterchef starts: Bang, fire burning sounds then loud abrupt entry into the chorus of Katy Perry’s 2010 smash hit ‘Hot N Cold’ I am on an emotional roller coaster, I am overwhelmed with pride for random peoples 90 minute meals, I cry over their cooking mistakes, my blood pressure is up when those random people are stressing in the kitchen trying to cook small portion meals for 60 people, I’m nervous for them as three men dish out their small dish on three separate massive plates then I am back to being filled with pride and relief over comments like “best in the contest so far”. Then the shows over, not before they thrill of knowing that tomorrow night I will see ‘the hardest dessert so far recreated’ and here I was thinking I had seen it all and witnessed the hardest dessert ever recreated (croquembouche 2012) but again tomorrow I will witness the extraordinary……

The orchestral highs’s and low’s or ‘Hot N Colds’ of Masterchef have actually tricked me into feeling emotions for the most ridiculous things. Physically choking up when the high of the string orchestral music moves into the soft joyful piano keys.

Something else that is starting to emotionally effect my Mastchef viewing is my concern for George’s hands shaking. A friend of mine noticed this last year but I put it down to potentially George having a big night prior to filming but this year the production crew is trying to avoid direct shots of his shake but catching glimpses of it. Fingers crossed George is ok!

On a side note, I hate Georgia – Stop looking so forlorn and fake concerned. Writing things down like your so passionate in those master classes, you make me sick.

Georgia mc