I’m not a crim, It’s a Fitbit!

Last year when I started noticing people with plastic bracelets clearly of some electronic nature, I asked no questions. Why would I? Wankers who obsess about exercising even at work were basically the enemy.

I looked on in disgust at people wearing corporate attire with a big ugly plastic wrist bands to me that was nearly as bad as seeing people walking to work in corporate clothes but having sneakers on – Miranda from sex and the city style! The thought of sneakers and a skirt still makes me sick.


I have however done a 360 on the plastic wrist band which I am now referring to as its actually name: The Fitbit. My friend who I would class as stylish and in the know started rocking the Fitbit and initially I only saw it for it’s fashion statement and thought yeah, maybe I am o.k with that and then she explained to me its magical motivational powers and showed me the app and I was sold.

Counts your steps, calculates the distance you have been, vibrates, has goal settings, monitors sleep and best of all has the ability to add friends and do step competitions and challenges with them.

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy (Or in my case sometimes unhealthy) competition to add a bit of excitement to your day.

I arrived to work with it on my wrist for the first time today, I was nervous. I started to doubt myself and my ability to pull off the Fitbit. Who did I think I was wearing this like I was a professional athlete or something?…….

An older male colleague looked at me with real concern – “Are you in trouble?”  “No!” I thought the fact that they looked like a home detention bracelet was a joke but unfortunately I am giving off a vibe that instead of seeing me as a healthy fitness minded person with a Fitbit people automatically assume criminal activity.

That I can pull off with a shirt though!

The motivational potential is endless and If I was doing a Fitbit review for the Herald Sun it would get 4 1/2 stars and the 1/2 star deduction is just because I would really like it in white……