DIY Home Decorating…Fuck ups

I have recently been taking ‘house proud’  to a whole other level, spending my week nights trawling the internet, pinterest and instagram for creative home decorating idea’s then spending the my weekends turning every day objects into stylish home decor masterpieces.

This behavior seemed healthy at first, until it wasn’t.

Dipped pots, stripped vases, spray painted random objects,  frames, frames and more frames. The possibilities seemed endless but this weekend as I changed the colour of a vase for third time back to its original colour (white) with spray paint, I realized that the possibilities had come to an official end.

It started with gold spray paint. It felt magical, everything the gold spray paint touched looked shiny and new and I convinced myself that any and I mean absolutely anything that was gold looked better then the original colour of the object.

I was like a magpie, the shinier the better. I then started to shop just for items that might look good spray painted. I had a gold spray painting factory out the back and I was was drunk on the power that came with turning things to gold (literally).

Then as I trawled more and more websites and instagram hashtags, I started to become obsessed with copper. Copper quickly took over from gold as I added it to everything I possibly could.

I don’t know if it was associated with my mood or just was in fact an on trend colour but black replaced copper and I was now shopping and DIYing black everything. As quick as it came the black trend was over, manly because the house was looking a bit Gothic. White was the only way to freshen the place up. So white was the new black, and like the show the house had become a prison. I was stuck there because I had spent all my money on spray paint and masking tape.

Here is a list of the things I really fucked up:

  • White porcelain pug light – spray painted gold and now you can’t see if its on
  • Wooden pot – hand painted copper and now if you water the plant the paint also turns to water
  • Stool (pre dipped white) – Added copper stripes which are very uneven then make the stool look like it was a scribbled on by a child with a copper pen
  • Shinny finish vases (all colours) – these have been spray painted over and over and unfortunately the spray paint just doesn’t stick on to it but your finger prints do.
  • Fake flowers – look so tacky and should never be spray painted.
  • Frames, hand painted or spray painted – my advice just buy a frame in the colour you want.

Paint hands

On the more positive side – one coat of spray paint on your finger nails lasts longer then any professional shellac job.