DIY Home Decorating…Fuck ups

I have recently been taking ‘house proud’  to a whole other level, spending my week nights trawling the internet, pinterest and instagram for creative home decorating idea’s then spending the my weekends turning every day objects into stylish home decor masterpieces. This behavior seemed healthy at first, until it wasn’t. Dipped pots, stripped vases, spray … Continue reading DIY Home Decorating…Fuck ups

Spruced Up Bruce

Like many others, my public opinion of Bruce means absolutely nothing to anybody except to me. When rumors and media slander started about Bruce transitioning to female I sat back, confused about other peoples opinions and keen interest. I had never before considered having an opinion on Transgender individuals and didn’t want to start. I … Continue reading Spruced Up Bruce

So Packed Up!

Renting is such an ordeal these days! Waiting outside an open to view for the real estate agent who arrives and describes their hectic schedule of driving, opening a door and asking people for their names 10 times that day (getting paid Saturday rates) and then feigning empathy like their life is so hard just so … Continue reading So Packed Up!